what matters

my life has evolved. these days i choose to spend my free time working on my family photos + project life. and i couldn’t be happier. but up until now i couldn’t really put it into words.

why exactly is this important to me?
why i choose to spend so much time on these memories?
why exactly is this such a priority for me?

well, i finally found the right words to describe why i spend my time doing what a i do…

and my answer is yes.

it will matter to me. to my family. to my husband. to my kids.

taking photos of the boys all the time is just a part of our daily lives. it is something that show them that i care. their printed photos in a book show them that they matter. the photos i put on the walls show them that they are important. documenting our memories + our story is important.

so how did i get to this place? well, simply put, i let go.

i let go of needing to do everything perfectly for project life.
i let go of needing to edit to perfection every.single.photo.i.shot.
i let go of needing to take every photo with my big camera and embraced my iphone.
i let go of needing the most amazing design layouts for my photo books.
i let go of needing to get it all done in one night.
i let go of caring so much about what everyone else would think. would they  like it? was it pretty enough?

and what i gained since letting go has been so much more than i ever realized. all the time i put in to piecing together our story week by week in project life last year means so much. because my family now has our story recorded forever. and that will matter more than a year from now.

what are you doing today that will matter a year from now?

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michelle - Yes, yes and AMEN!! This is what I have embraced myself, being Ok with Ok. Perfection paralyzes and robs me of my joy and satisfaction. Letting go of all the things you mentioned is freedom to me. And your phrase “will this matter a year from now” should be a question we all ask ourselves daily about the things we choose to spend our time on. I know I will be asking myself that question more in the coming year. Excellent post.

Carla - Perfect. Letting go sometimes is the best thing. I’ve been toying with the idea of project life but keep thinking that mine won’t measure up to other people’s books or that I won’t follow through. I’m still thinking.
I have a hard time letting go of the idea that I have to edit photos. I don’t like to post pics SOOC because I feel like I’m being judged on them and because I don’t feel like I have enough time / don’t want to spend an hour / hour and a half editing and posting, I don’t blog near as much as I’d like. Working on letting it go. :)
Love the post.

stacey - Absolutely. Loved this, Tracy.

Jean - privacy. as much as i love to blog, i like to still keep my life private. :) knowing what to and what not to post online (as far as tweeting, facebook, & blog). keeping things private, it matters. :)

i love this post. thank you for sharing. i really do think documenting is very important.

janet - Yes, yes, yes…from one of your “old” blogger friends, I wish there had been digital when my kids were little. I have one scrapbook from birth to highschool grad. for my first two done, my youngest (23) keeps asking when I’m going to finish his. Projectlife is much easier (if you let it). I still find myself wanting to put too much in it though.

Lee - Yes! Sometimes done is enough :)

Lisa Barrie - I used to spend 18 hours on a layout. Yes it was beautiful and yes I loved doing them, but it never told the story of the family we created, how we live, what we do and how we do it. This is my first year doing 100% digital and doing project life. It is so real, I feel like I live in the moment. No fancy photo shoots with my SLR, I too have totally embraced my iPhone too! Feel free to visit me anytime http://lisabarrie.blogspot.com

Felicity - Tracy, you put into words exactly how I have approached project life. I have emulated your approach to Project Life this year and I am feeling freedom. Last year I felt pressure to embellish and use the latest products released. Now I am taking photos and journalling our week, and that is all that matters. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey.

Jocelyn Thompson - Soooo love this! The Why! Sums it up for me as well. Will this matter in a year? Absolutely! Thank you for all your inspiration!

Donna G. - Well put, Tracy! Of course, you didn’t need to let go of your need to have “the most amazing design layouts for your photos books.” Project Life does that for you! :)

Kelly - so well said – love it!

Petra - So beautifully put. Simple, sweet and 100% spot on.
Thank you for sharing your insight. It made me think.

Robin Gibson - Well said & a huge THANK YOU!! I needed this message! I have been scrapbooking & documenting for a long time, and just this year started PL! Very excited, but still those ‘is this good enough’ thoughts creep in. I’m letting that stuff go! It only matters what my family & I think, regarding our memories! So why do I get so hung up on, is it pretty enough? I love playing with product, as much as my pictures, lol. But the important thing is getting it all recorded. And thanks to PL, it is pretty, whether I dress it up anymore than it already is, or not! Love this message! Thanks!

Andrea - Great post! Got me thinking!
Will definitely be keeping this question in the forefront of my thinking now. :-)

rhonda - Totally this is something ALL moms should think about while making choices everyday

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