using the 2014 calendar set with project life

the 2014 calendar set is such a simple + versatile template. print the individual month templates as 4×6 photos, slip them into a frame and give it as a gift. make a calendar for yourself using your favorite photos as this year progresses.

and here is a fun idea – you can use the 2014 calendar set in your project life pages…

- use the 2014 calendar template in your project life pocket pages each month. they are sized at 4×6 which fit perfectly into project life photo pockets!
- use the monthly stamp/brush on journaling cards sized to fit in your project life pages. customize by changing the font color or background color. (details on how to do this here.)
- use the monthly stamp/brush on a photo, print it and slip it into your project life pages.

click here for more information about the 2014 calendar templates and click here to enter the digital shop.


2014 calendar + project life =>

how are you planning on using the 2014 calendar templates? share it in the comments below…

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linda - Hi Tracy,
I’ve been looking at these for a while and decided to make the purchase today. Love the idea of these for my title card each month for Project Life!
HOWEVER, I seem to be having a problem changing the color of the calendar from grey to black – or any other color. Not working in PSE…can you give me direction on how to change color of the calendar? thanks!!

Cari - I plan on using the templates for my title page of the week, along with a photo, highlighting the days that it will encompass.

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