these days | june 2014

these days june 2014 ==>

these day 2014 ==>

reading a few more chapters of the happiness project. i have not finished this book yet, but i continue to devour it little by little when i have time.

watching medium on netflix while i work on my computer.

trying to find a few good green drink recipes using my new nutribullet pro.

cooking very little. but there is always a recipe that i would like to make on pinterest.

eating lots of fresh summer berries and mangoes. i love when we get some picked fresh from someone’s backyard.

working on the boy’s school yearbooks that i am determined to finish this summer. they will include this past year’s school work, art, drawings and photos. i cannot wait to have these completed books in my hands!

pinning party ideas for my almost 7 year old!

doing lots of summer cleaning and organizing.

going a little stir crazy with all of this rainy weather.

enjoying not waking up before sunrise. thank you lazy days of summer.

thinking about just how fast june came and went.

starting to make photo books from all of the photos of our family cruise.

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Shari Barnes - I have been on a fruit smoothie frenzy lately. Can’t seem to get enough. I haven’t been cooking much though. We have been eating out way too much. I need to change that this week! I can’t wait to see your cruise photo books. Are you doing them a certain style?

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