these days | july 2014

these day 2014 ==> day 2014 ==>

reading 1-2-3 magic which is simply life changing – especially when you are consistent with discipline for kids. i’m working on that…

going a little stir crazy with the daily thunderstorms. we are seriously over it already!

watching abc’s extreme weight loss on the abc app. i love how these are year long transformations and not just quick fixes. so inspiring.

trying to get the boys back on a regular sleep routine. this summer has blown their normal bedtime routines so far off i’m not sure we can get back on track.

cooking  lots of healthy greens thanks to my friend who made them for me when i visited her a few weeks ago. they are so delicious!

doing back to school shopping already! is summer really over in just two short weeks?

loving our little trips to the west coast of florida for the most beautiful sunsets.

thinking about my how to plan my days when the boys are back in school. i need organization and routine.

listening to the boys talk to each other as they play minecraft together on their ipads. just a different version of together time in today’s world.

celebrating quinn’s 7th birthday in a few days.

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