these days | january 2014

these days january 2014 ==>

these days january 2014 ==> up my december 2013 project life pages. yes, i was really far behind, but thanks to my system of dating my photos and jotting down what we did in my day one app, it was easy to catch up.

giving myself time each day to do this 90 day challenge. i’m 3 weeks in and already feeling stronger and so inspired by her. having a good friend as my partner has made all the difference.

watching law & order: svu on my ipad via netflix while editing photos and working on project life. olivia benson rocks.

feeling the desire to pick up my big camera again. i got burned out from all of the holiday photos and tate’s birthday documenting, but i’m ready to get creative again.

waiting not-so-patiently for  this e-course on the art of brush script to start in a few days. i have all of my supplies and i’m ready!

listening to all of the things tate says now. he has full conversations with us and tells lots of stories. four years old is so much more grown up than three. what happened to my baby?

cooking vegetables everyday with my new spiral slicer. i just can’t get enough of the zucchini and onion “noodles”.

filling our saturdays with sports again thanks to quinn starting flag football. winter sports outside is one of the benefits of living in the warm weather all year long.

getting ready for the boy’s school valentine’s day parties already. and i still have christmas ornaments to put away!

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Donna G. - Hi Tracy! I’m so excited about the brush script class, too!

Btw, I read your blog through Feedly. Your photos aren’t showing up there for me. Instead of the photo that I see at the top of this post, Feedly starts your post with this:” width=”900″ src=””>

Iow, I only see your photos if I go to your blog.


Erika - Hey!
First of all, I *love* L&O:SVU, and I’m signed up for that class too :)
But, I wanted to let you know – I read through an RSS feed [feedly], and your images keep getting put in wonky… like I only see maybe 3/4 of the HTML code for the image. It’s weird :/
Just thought you’d want to know!

Annette - love this! I know–Mags has been “reading” us books lately. Makes this momma’s heart so happy. But at the same time…so much more grown up! Always love your posts. I just want to come over and hang out and work on some brush script together!

tracy - Thanks Erika! I have been having this problem off and on with Feedly :( I’ve contacted them again and hope they can help me figure out what is going on and get it fixed for good this time!

Erika - Today’s worked fine!

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