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these days august 2014 ==> day 2014 ==>

reading some new cookbooks with simple + healthy real food recipes. i have little post-it note tabs sticking out of more than a few pages. go check out 100 days of real food and the family cooks. (read more about my thoughts on eating real food here.)

getting ready for baseball season for the boys to start in september. this year tate will be playing t-ball and quinn will be playing baseball. two kids in sports at the same time? what am i getting myself into?

eating lots of kale. i like it sauteed with olive oil and garlic, in my tuscan bean soup and crispy kale chips baked in the oven. even quinn has taken a liking to the kale chips – surprise!

wanting to get a cast-iron skillet. it requires some understanding of how to care and maintain the pan, but i think i’m ready to make some healthy changes in the kitchen.

loving family reading time at night. the boys are practicing their reading with some bob books. it is great so see them learning to read. tate is only in preschool, but as always he wants to do what his big brother is doing. so reading it is.

making progress on the boy’s personal yearbooks. i have papers scanned, photographed and organized. the pages are coming together nicely. i can’t wait to get them done and printed. and i’ve even started off this school year with a plan so that i don’t get behind. i’ll share it all on my blog.

hoping for some sweater + scarf weather in the next few months. i’m really over the heat, humidity and rain!

watching army wives on netflix. it is one of those series that i just don’t want to end. good thing there are 7 seasons for me to catch up on.

thinking about halloween costumes already. the stores are more than ready, but i’m just not.


what are you doing these days? join me in documenting your life happenings and share a link below…

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Kelly - Army Wives is one if my all-time favorite shows. Enjoy!

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