the heart of project life

for me project life is not about doing it perfectly or trying to impress anyone with my craftiness (which is not one of my strengths). it is about recording + documenting the memories of my family. the stories. the moments. the things i never want to forget. it is about the people in the photographs. it is about the people in the stories. and it’s about the people that i love.

there is no prize for the coolest and most inventive project life pages. it is not about comparison. it is not about feeling less than anyone else. it is simply about how you feel when you see your story documented.

as i shared my project life pages on my blog over this past year, i often wondered why i posted them every month. and the one thing i kept coming back to was that i hoped to inspire other people to start their own project life album. i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to find the right words to describe how i feel when i flip through the pages of this past year and relive the little bits + pieces of our life. it is a really, really good feeling. and not because i think i have the prettiest pages or the most unique designs. it is because the photos + stories just melt my heart. i could read them over and over again. they never get old.

for me, project life is not so much about the color or design on my pages. it is simply a method that has allowed me to do it my way. to do it however i want to. there are no rules. no design guidelines. no instruction manual to follow.  project life helps me to accomplishes the main goal i have – which is to get our story written + our photos printed.

in light of what happened in Connecticut today, we should remember to keep the focus of our memory keeping on the people that are the most important part of our lives. allow yourself to tell the story of your family in your own words. let go of all the reasons why you have not done any documenting up until now. don’t worry about the excuses for not being caught up on the pages that you have started this year.

be kind to yourself. keep it simple. write down the stories with a pen. use your iphone for photos if that is all you have to use.

project life is not a competition. but everyone does win. let go of the rules you have made up in your head and your life gets documented. and that is the best prize of all.

don’t let the excuse of no time or fear of not doing it perfectly stop you from starting to document your family and your story today. begin anywhere. you don’t have to wait until january 1st. you don’t need to take perfect photos. you don’t need to have a degree in graphic design or a flair for creativity + craftiness. you just need to have the desire to tell your story. that is it.

don’t worry about trying to catch up to today. don’t try to get all the past years organized and printed first and then focus on moving forward with 2013. just let go of what you have not done. or you will never be ready to start.

begin anywhere. start today.

say a prayer + hug your kids extra tight.


project life is a simplified system of memory keeping created by becky higgins.
click here to view all of my project life posts.

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Wendy T. - So very true, Tracy. I need to remember this so that I can focus on the important things next year: capturing us. That’s all.

michelle - Well said. Keep it simple and start with today. That’s what’s worked for me. :)

announcing the new 2013 Project Life Creative Team! « Becky's Blog - [...] help us remember just how blessed we are, how full of joy we should feel. I encourage you to read this post by Tracy Larsen who, yes, is a member of our new Creative [...]

Katy - “there is no prize for the coolest and most inventive project life pages. it is not about comparison. it is not about feeling less than anyone else. it is simply about how you feel when you see your story documented.”

That is just perfect. I agree so much with all this. I’m so glad PL and other similar ideas have come about because I one reason I was moving away from traditional scrapbooking (including cost, time, mess…:), was that reading scrapbook magazines was feeling like a giant competition. Who had the newest products – who’s pages got featured – who got all the accolades (usually people on design teams getting free stuff). So glad that PL came along to take out all the “extra” from documenting and now I’m supremely happy with my albums because they are – to me – what’s most important: pictures and little memories.

Terra - I have procrastinated starting Project Life for at least a year and a half and I want 2013 to be different. I am going to bookmark this post so that I can read it again on December 31 and I will set a reminder to read it at least once every week after that. This is why I want to do Project Life and I am looking forward to more inspiration from you as part of Becky Higgins’ Creative Team this year. Thank you in advance.

Sarah Jane - Lovely. Welcome to the new creative team; I look forward to seeing you tell YOUR STORIES via Project Life.

Donna G. - Well said, Tracy!

Donna G. - And congrats on making the 2013 Project Life team! =)

Jen - Thank you for your lovely words. This is exactly why I have been doing Project Life for three years and see myself doing so for a long time to come.
Huge congratulations to you!

STacey - Beautifully said.

Tiffany O'Grady - Thank you so much. This is sheer brilliance and I am printing it out and hanging it in my crafting space to keep right in front of me as I embark on PL in the new year.

Jennifer - beautiful, touching and straight to the heart. I love this, thank you for your words & the reminder!!

andrea - So you’re saying I just need to start, huh?… ;)
I’m the one who hasn’t started because I’m worried it won’t be pretty enough, or perfect enough. And I also get a little overwhelmed thinking about printing and cutting and choosing the photos and the words…ack!
But I’m still leaning towards starting this. ;)

Fiona - This is so beautifully written. I want to print it out and hang it up beside my computer, to remind me of what it’s all about everytime I feel likely pages aren’t as good as someone else’s, or when I feel like I need to make mine more like someone else’s. You have already been an inspiration to me during 2012, and I’m looking forward to your pages in 2013. Congratulations on being part of Becky’s Creative Team!

ruth - amen.

thank you. that was beautiful. holding back the tears.

jami - I’ve been following you in the past year and absolutely love what you have posted via IG about project life. I am starting late this year but I feel this is something that is so perfect for our family. I would love to start. Feeling a little bit overwhelmed, maybe could you direct me to a good starting point? I already document with photos daily but I love the idea of PRINTING them off and writing notes along with things. I also downloaded the app Day One app to help. What do you use that app for? Just to keep notes and track of things until later?

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