simply french fries

i am getting rid of the crap that i eat. the processed, artificial + unnatural ingredients are now gone. along with the gluten. and instead of seeing all the things that i cannot eat, i’m seeing a whole new world of food with endless possibilities. flavor, freshness + good quality food are what i’m focusing on.

have you ever picked up a bag of frozen french fries and read the label? many of them contain ingredients that i don’t recognize – and i have a master’s degree in nutrition! so what exactly is in the french fries that i’m not only feeding myself, but feeding my kids? do we even need all of these extra ingredients in french fries? aren’t they really just potatoes? so i decided to search pinterest for a simple french fry recipe. and i found this one. the fries are baked and it calls for just potatoes, olive oil and salt. easy enough for me.

confession time. since all i had ever done before was either rip open a bag of frozen fries or handed the kids a little paper wrapper full of mcdonald’s fries (i cannot believe i just admitted that!), my kids really had no idea where french fries came from. so a friend suggested i show quinn a potato before i made the fries myself. um, duh! so i did. we washed and peeled the potatoes. and then i used a little hand held french fry cutter (similar to this one) to make perfect little fries. after a quick soak in a bowl of water, a toss with some olive oil + salt and some time baking in the oven, my family enjoyed some delicious + fresh french fries. and quinn got his first cooking lesson from mom.

note: i find that sea salt has a much better flavor than regular table salt. it really makes a difference, especially with these yummy fries. don’t skip the good stuff. use real sea salt.

simply french fries

russet potatoes
olive oil
sea salt

peel and cut the potatoes. soak them in a bowl of cold water for about 20 minutes. drain and dry potatoes with a towel. toss the potatoes with olive oil and salt. spread evenly on a baking sheet. bake for about 25 minutes at 450 degrees, turning occasionally. (or not if you are a busy mom. see photo above.)

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Jean - growing up, we never ate from a can or frozen stuff. my mom had worked at a produce place so we always had fresh fruits & veggies… we always cooked from scratch every.single.night/meal. it was a treat to get mcdonalds (of course when w/ my dad). and i guess that’s why i am bad about ordering from places like that b/c i don’t know how to order. the only “junk food” we ever got besides the seldom mcdonald’s vist was doritos which now i very much dislike… it’s crazy how much kids i see eat all these junk and parents wonder why their kids dislike such food. they are missing out on so much good food that is good for you!

it’s a great advantage to have kids help cook with you. i taught a little cooking class at our center for preschoolers & saw how much more willing they were to explore good food. as my child development professor would say… have them try it at least nine times, just one bite, it might take them that long, but it’ll be worth it.

you are making me want to eat some french fries now.. i haven’t mastered making them.. i think i fail b/c i don’t soak them. :/ and love the simple recipe. :)

Pedroza - I am also trying to get healthier. I am trying to have my boys try different things as well. Change is always good! :) .

michelle - I want to try these. I love your food posts. :)

Jocelyn Thompson - Love this! I have done a Whole30 ( and I have given up gluten along with almost all processed foods. It is amazing the flavor and goodness I have found in whole, fresh, real food! Beautiful photo too!

rhonda - I grew up on unprocessed foods – everything was made from scratch. So that’s how I cook too. Real food tastes so much better! I love doing fries like this – i just got a fancy cutter to cut them perfectly too.

stacey - I love your food posts, too!
Good for you for getting rid of the crap. I’ve been slowly….sloooooowly trying to do the same. It’s so hard with picky eaters in the house!

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