roasted pumpkin seeds

there are things that remind me of halloween from when i was little. like carving pumpkins with the whole family. the kids cleaned out the pumpkins, my mom separated the seeds and my dad carved the pumpkin faces. and then my mom roasted the salted pumpkin seeds in the oven – yum!

well, i’m the mom now, but i have never roasted pumpkin seeds. this year quinn was old enough to understand the whole carving the pumpkin thing (even though it didn’t go as planned) so i had pumpkin seeds to roast. i found an easy recipe on pinterest. all it took was a 325 degree oven, some cooking spray and salt. i roasted them for 25 minutes and stirred them around a bit from time to time while they cooked and voila, i had salty pumpkin seeds ready to eat.

the weather is finally cooling off a bit down here in south florida. so between the jackets and the warm pumpkin seeds, it is finally beginning to feel like fall has arrived. and that makes me happy.

now if they would just stop playing the christmas music until after thanksgiving…


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