red balloons for ryan

i am heartbroken for a family i have never met. the first time i heard about Jacqiu, Dan and Ryan was yesterday on instagram. there were posts about Jacqui with the hashtag #RedBalloonsForRyan. when i saw Jacqui’s Instagram feed there were lots of everyday photos of her family but what stood out the most was her adorable red-haired 3.5 year old little boy, Ryan. then i learned that he died tragically on friday. Jacqui’s friend Alissa wrote about it here.


my mom’s heart can hardly bear this pain for another mom that i don’t even know. and i cannot stop thinking about this family. and crying. and praying for them.

i am just like Jacqui. i blog. i photograph my boys. i post about our life on instagram. i love my kids to pieces. i am a mom and every mom out there can relate to Jacqui. we all cannot help but think, that could have been me…

in these moments when tragedy hits so close to home, every moment becomes so much more precious. last night i got to tuck my boys in bed and kiss them good-night. and i was so grateful. this morning i got up and took my boys to school. and i was so grateful.

it is all a balance of love and life and happy and crazy when it comes to raising children. the balance will not be equal. some days i think i’m going to lose my mind. some days it feels like everything is going wrong. some days are filled with fun + laughter. and it breaks my heart that in moments like yesterday, i am reminded about how precious each day with my boys really is.

ryan-collage-3-600x600 copy

i want so bad to go back and rewind life and change it for Jacqui, Dan and Ryan. but i can’t.

what i can do for them is to share about Ryan, the little boy that was so clearly loved and adored by his parents.

please join me in supporting Jacqui + Dan by remembering Ryan. because he mattered. and his parent’s don’t want him to be forgotten.

will you grab a picture from Jacqui’s Instagram feed, and post it to yours?
will you share words of encouragement and tag #RedBalloonsforRyan?
be sure to tag Jacqui @babyboybakery and Dan @danno12


She got the call today
One out of the gray
And when the smoke cleared
It took her breath away
She said she didn’t believe
It could happen to me
I guess we’re all one phone call from our knees…

Mat Kearney ~ Closer to Love



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Jen - I can’t imagine their loss. My heart breaks for them. :(

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