project life 2015 | week 2 (part 2)

tracy larsen

In my last Project Life® post I shared about how behind I am on my pages. Well, this week I want to tell you how I am catching up! I really wanted to get some pages finished because I really do love this memory keeping project and it is so important to me. Being focused and having a clear goal in mind helps me so much.

I completed 8 pages! Yes, eight whole pages (not 8 weeks) that covered 2 pages for Tate’s birthday party, 2 pages for Tate’s birthday day and weeks 3 and 4 (2-page layouts each). And I did it all in one afternoon. Here is how…

Lately most of my work related time has been spent building my new website (I am doing all of the designing and re-branding myself) so not much else has been getting done. I knew I wanted to get some Project Life® pages done this weekend, so I spent Saturday cleaning the house because I really can’t focus on anything if my house is a mess. And if you have kids, when is it not a mess? This helped me to focus my time on Sunday to working on Project Life®. I gave myself the goal to complete a few pages. (This was an important piece – giving myself a goal – because if I am not focused on a specific task, it is easy to get distracted and not complete anything.) I wanted to go to bed that night knowing I had at least one more week done. I knew my time was limited because the boys were home with me playing hockey in the living room while Mark was at work. I knew they would need me and I would get interrupted. But being aware of this ahead of time made it easier to deal with.

I told myself to just GET IT DONE. I picked my favorite photos, found my favorite quotes and put my pages together. No over-thinking it. Now I have 8 pages done, done and done!

Just getting through these first big photo heavy pages of the year was a big accomplishment for me. What I learned is that I like to do things in perfect chronological order, so when a photo heavy week comes up, I tend to get stuck not being sure of how to document all of the photos (should I add pages? should I put them all in my weekly page layouts? should I make a separate photo book for the event?) so I end up stopping my whole process. Instead of either making a decision or skipping to the next week so I can stay on track, I just quit where I am and feel bad about it for weeks. And get really behind.

I hope to have more days like this soon to do more catching up…:)

week 2 (part 2)

tracy larsen

Week 2 started with our trip to Disney (see the first two pages here) and ended with Tate’s football birthday party. I decided to add two page inserts for Tate’s party that will go right after the week 2 pages.

Tate is really into football and the Seminoles (yep, my alma mater) so he had a football party. But not just any football party. I found a photo on Pinterest of these big goal posts made out of pvc pipes. So I asked my dad if he could make them for Tate’s party and maybe we could spray paint lines in their big backyard to make a little football field. Being the best Papa ever, he said yes. Now, my dad doesn’t do anything half-assed so this little project turned into an amazing and very professional looking GIANT football field in my parent’s backyard. He even spray painted the Seminole head in the center of the field and the FSU letters in the end-zone. We ended up with a joint party with my cousin’s son and he likes the University of Miami Hurricanes (a “yucky team” as Tate would say!). Even though they are a team rival, we wanted to be fair so my dad added a UM end-zone for Alex.

We asked all of the kids to wear their favorite football team jerseys and they had a giant flag football game. Mark and I wore referee jerseys and we served hot dogs, cupcakes and ice cream on the most beautiful day in January thanks to the amazing weather down here in South Florida. It was quite a party.

left side

tracy larsen

I put a panoramic photo I took with my iPhone from the top of the kids play set on the top of this page. The field was so big that it was hard to get a good shot of the whole field in one photo. That is why this photo looks a little warped, but you can see just how big it was.

I also included some of my favorite photos of just the four of us from the party on this page. I used my simply white photo collage templates v4 to add a little white border around the middle photos just to give it some more white space.

I added the digital image of Tate’s party invitations. I found them on Etsy here and loved how the colors coordinated perfectly with the FSU colors. The best part is that I was able to quickly personalize the invitations and print them out on my regular home color printer. (I also got the coordinating thank you cards here. Love them!)

right side

tracy larsen

On the right side, I included some more detail shots of the party like the cupcakes, the party decorations, the coloring pages the boys insisted on having and the photo booth spot. I added more party photos and added a garnet and gold text box in the center to write about the party. It was a mix of iPhone photos and big camera photos.

Still deciding what to do with all of the other photos. I might just include them in Tate’s 5 year old book. Now, if only I could find the time to do that!


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Cari - That looks like an awesome party!

Good job catching up. I am only a few weeks behind here (not much going on, so I’ll lump it together) but I do have some that I need to go back and finish from last year.

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