project life 2015 | week 2 (part 1) + being behind

tracy larsen

truth time. i’m really, really, really far behind on project life! i mean like only one week completed for this entire year. and let’s not even talk about how many missing weeks i have to work on from last year so i can get my first digital project life book printed.

if you are behind, i’m with you. but i’m not totally freaking out. well, i’m freaking out quite a bit, but i’m not a complete mess over it. and that is because i have everything i need to put my unfinished weeks together when i get the time. time? who has time? agh! i will get this done soon because it is something that i want to do and not because i have to do. and it makes me happy.

so how am i going to get caught up?

first up there are photos. i import them with the date they were taken. this makes it easy to only look at 7 days of photos at a time when i’m putting my pages together. i’m trying to edit the photos i take on my iphone when i can during the week with my favorite pic-tap-go app. i still polish some of them up in lightroom before inserting them into my pages, but editing on my iphone helps to speed up the process for me. i’ll also add photos from my big camera if i have any. i’m in a bit of a photo rut right now, so i’m mostly taking iphone photos.

i have been keeping track of the things that i want to remember and what the boys are saying. i’m still using the day one app on my desktop and iphone. i use it to keep track of stories and funny things the boys are saying. i tried using notes on my iphone to write things down, but it ended up a big mess. the day one app lets me write in each day and shows all of my entries on a calendar. i need simplicity. so i went right back over to my day one app!

sometimes i take pictures of drawings and schoolwork and sometimes i don’t. but i do keep everything i want to add to our weekly pages in a magazine file box on my desk so when i’m ready to put my pages together they are all in one place and easy to find.

for our week in review for project life this year i’ve decided not to be so detail oriented. last year i wrote what we did each day in my day one app. that worked for then, but now i’m ready for less. so i’m simply using my iphone photos as a visual journal to tell me what we did each week. i can then translate my photos (most of which won’t make it into my project life pages because i take so many throughout the week) into a little summary of what we did each week. easy peasy lemon squeezey! i’m using a simple 3×4 card with a circle number digital stamp on top. (these will be available in my shop after my new website launches.)

so don’t be discouraged. you are not alone. catching up with project life should not scare you. just rename your photos with the date and use your photos as a visual journal to tell you what happened that week and you can get it done.

i will get caught up. instead of freaking out, i’m going to approach this one week at a time.

week 2 (part 1)

here is the first part of my week 2 pages. we had a big start to our year with a family trip to disney, tate’s 5th birthday and his birthday party. i decided to make full pages for each of these events. instead of making lots of small books for bigger events, i want to keep everything together in the pages of our yearly family project life book. i’m okay with adding extra pages between weeks. it just simplifies the process for me. i will include more photos of tate’s party and birthday to his 5 year old photo book… whenever i find the time to get around to it.

tracy larsen

the first part of my week 2 pages are all about our trip to disney. every year we meet up with some friends. their son’s birthday is the day before tate’s so we celebrate them together with what has become our annual disney trip.

because we live less than 4 hours away from disney, we get to go quite often so i have already lots and lots of photos of all of the disney parks. this means that i don’t need to take a photo of every single thing we do. i was able to enjoy our trip and only use my iphone to capture some of our favorite moments. i wanted my pages to reflect the highlights of our trip – which was about family and friends. oh, and star wars too. we went to disney’s hollywood studios and the magic kingdom.

left side

tracy larsen

i kept these pages simple and used only photos from disney on both pages. on the left i used my simply white life pages v7 design ??? – which has become my go-to page design so far this year. i used a few of my simply white photo collage templates to add some extra white space around a few photos and to double up the star wars photo of the boys battling darth vader. i wrote a little about our trip on a 3×4 card with the circle number stamped on top and the week dates on the bottom. (these brushes will be available in my digital store soon.)

every year, i make cards with the boys’ favorite and least favorite things. it is so fun to see what changes and and what stays the same. when we got in the car to start our drive back home after our trip, i had the boys’ full attention and everything was fresh in their minds, so i asked them what was their favorite and least favorite things. i put their answers in my day one app on my iphone right there in the car and 8 weeks later i have the cards completed! that is the secret to remembering the kid’s quotes – write them down immediately. i’ll forget what exactly they said within 15 minutes if i don’t do this.

i wanted to keep the journaling cards simple since the focus on these pages is the colorful photos, so i found a mickey mouse shape and put it on a 3×4 card in photoshop. i added text on top in black so it would stand out and be easy to read. i used montserrat font on these cards. i’m playing with some new fonts and i liked the simplicity of this one.

and just because you might be taking a trip to the most magical place on earth, i am sharing these “magical trip” cards with you to download for free. just click here or on the image below to download. you can add these to your digital pages or use the print-ready cards. enjoy these cards and share with me how you use them.

magical trip freebie 3x4 project life printable card ==>

right side

tracy larsen

on the right i used my simply white life pages v3 – design 9. this is just a simple 9 image layout with a few of the best photos from our trip (all taken with my iphone) – including the fireworks tate did not like, the mickey mouse ice cream that they both loved and their new star wars mickey mouse ears hats since we went on the coldest day of the year in florida!

i’ll post the second part of my pages from week 2 soon…

tell me how do you document the bigger moments in your everyday life? please email me or share in the comments below…


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Renata - I really really admire your project life pages. They’re so beautiful, colourful, happy!
I decided to seriously do project life because of you. I like your clean templates so I got something from your shop and started… and did the entire 2014 in, like, 4 months. I ended up with an amazing 150 pages book. The only downside is that I printed it in a cheap place (they had this really great deal: free extra pages, which counted a lot giving the lenght of my book) and the printing was not that good, the pictures are all darker than they should be. That put me down a little and I’m far behind this year, but every time I see a new post with your pages I feel like restarting mine.
Thanks and congratulations for your brilliant job =)

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