project life 2014 | week 17

week 17 is finished. digital project life is awesome! that is all…

week 17

this week there was a class field trip with quinn, letters for tate, sleeping in the car, pool time, haircuts, lunch with tate, running errands, being sick, shopping carts and time with dad. i also added quite a few 3×4 journaling cards with things the kids are saying and doing. these cards are some of my most favorite ones to look back on and read.

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==>

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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

simply white life pages

simply white photo collage template collection

week in review basics journaling set

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Anne - How do you remember all the quotes? Do you jot them down in a notebook? Use an app? I can imagine those are one of your favorite things about PL and I want to incorporate more of those in my own PL. Thanks!

tracy - Hi Anne, I either enter the quotes in my Day One app on my imac or I email the quotes to myself as soon as they say them so I don’t forget. If I wait even 20 minutes, I will forget what they say, so do it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Anne - Ah, emailing them to myself would work!

Jen - Hello. I’ve asked you before about your font choices and spacing because I love the look of your pages. Not sure if the message isn’t getting to you or what. Can you share please? Thanks for sharing your pages.

tracy - Hi Jen, I use Chalet font (ParisNineteenSixty) for my project life pages. As for the spacing, depending on how big my font size it, I use a bigger spacing between lines so it is easier to read. I don’t have any set numbers for this, I just play with my spacing and see what looks good to my eye. Hope this helps! Thanks :)

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