project life 2013 | weeks 1 + 2

so far i’m off to a good start this year. i am keeping up with my project life pages. i decided to create more structure for myself and see how it goes.

the biggest hurdle for me is photo editing. it is something i always get behind on. i have hundreds + hundreds of photos that have never been edited. and sadly, they probably never will get edited. so instead of getting all bummed out about that and trying to figure out how to find the time to go back and edit my old photos, i am putting my energy into moving forward with a plan to deal with today and how i edit from now on.

keeping up with project life last year, really kept me on track with getting my photos edited – at least on a monthly basis. i was not perfect and still have lots of unedited photos on my computer. but at least the best of the best – the ones that tell our story – those have been edited. so, no wasting time look back on what i have not done.

this year i am trying out a weekly routine for editing my photos on one day of the week – sundays. my project life weeks are monday through sunday so instead of trying to edit all week long, i am just going to wait until sunday nights to sit down and edit all of my photos at the same time. just like how i do laundry – all in one day to get it over with and not have to keep doing it all week long. works for me.

i’m also going to answer a few questions i’ve received about photos, photography and my project life pages:

- i use adobe lightroom and photoshop to edit my photos.

- i shoot my photos with a nikon d300 camera body, a nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens and a nikon 24 – 70mm f/2.8 lens – and my iphone 5.

- the fonts that i use on my journaling cards are avenir and amelie.

- i love cathy zielske’s week in review cards, so i created my own version of them to work with the design, fonts and color of my project life pages. here is a link to cathy’s week in review cards and a great video tutorial she made about them.

- to make life simple, i keep track of everything going on in our week with the day one app. i have it on my iphone and my imac – and both of these sync up nicely. when i put together my week in review card, i just copy and paste from day one onto my week in review card in photoshop.

- i make my own templates for all of my photos and journaling cards – including my weekly instagram 6 photo collage – in photoshop.

and now, welcome to my project life 2013!

here is my title page for my 2013 project life album. i wanted to keep it simple so i added some family photos, printed out the year on the 3×4 journaling cards and found a nice quote on pinterest that i printed in photoshop. (i used avenir and learning curve fonts.)

week 1:  the start of our new year. saying good-bye to 2012. a college football game (my alma mater). and more everyday life.i used my iphone at the florida state football game and the photos printed out great.i made a simple calendar journaling card with this 2013 calendar brush set. i love the little circle brush that came with this set so that i can highlight any important dates – like circling tate’s birthday in blue. i am also taking ali edwards’ one little word workshop this year and i included a journaling card with my word. (learning curve font used.)a little journaling card about the football game and a photo of tate covering his ears from the fireworks.due to the overload of photos i took in december, i pick up my big camera less in the beginning of the year. just some everyday photos and some cute things the boys said this week.

week 2:  tate’s big 3rd birthday week and our trip to disney + legoland.

project life 2013 creative team |’s 3 year old photos that i took at the park this week along with some instagram photos on 3×4 journaling cards.project life 2013 creative team | love cathy zielske’s week in review cards and created my own version last year to coordinate with my project life pages. i decided to continue adding this card every week to the upper left corner of my weekly pages. i tweaked it a bit and changed the font, added the days of the week and highlighted some things from the week. cathy just posted this great video tutorial about her week in review cards – go watch it.project life 2013 creative team | love how little moments are caught with my iphone.project life 2013 creative team | our trip to disney + legoland, i only brought my iphone and my little blue canon point + shoot camera. we go to disney quite often, so i felt good about not dragging the big camera around with me. i ended up with lots of photos, so i put my favorites into my instagram 4×6 collage templates that i made in photoshop. (i will share these templates on my blog soon…) we met up with some friends and i was determined to get a group photo of everyone – even if we had to use the flash (which we did). it is not the best photo of any of us, but i love that we are all in it together. project life 2013 creative team | love these “favorites” journaling cards that i made for each of the boys. it is a great way to capture what they loved the best this year. (avenir and amelie fonts used.)project life 2013 creative team  | insert: this week i added an extra insert – design h – to put in the photos i took documenting tate’s birthday day. i designed the photo templates in photoshop myself, added the time and wrote a little about what he was doing.

project life 2013 creative team | life 2013 creative team | life 2013 creative team |

click here to view all of my project life posts.

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Fiona - I love how your pages are looking, Tracy! So clean and cohesive. I like the insert you did for Tate’s birthday and the favorites cards from Disney. It’s great to record that sort of stuff!

Alicia - I love Cathy’s week in review cards too but you have totally inspired me…putting the week number and date on it too ties it all together and is just the inspiration I was looking for! Keep up the beautiful work.

Jenn - I love how you did that page for when you documented his day. I might do that for my 10 on 10 next month – thanks! I’m just slogging through my last week’s photos, getting them edited and ordered. That’s the longest part for me too. And I haven’t picked up my camera as much for the very same reason and project life is so much less fun without a large number of photos to choose from. :)

michelle - I love your PL posts. They are so informative and inspiring! I love seeing everything you do and love the B&W insert you did for the birthday. LOVE. :)

Kim - Hi Tracy!
LOVE your PL 2013 album title page and opening weeks! Two questions… What site do you use for downloading fonts? I love the fonts you use and have never downloaded fonts from the internet. Second, are the small colored photos (Instagram I think) glued onto a Becky Higgins blank journaling card? Not sure if they were printed that way with pic and font or if pic was printed separately. Thanks so much and look forward to seeing the coming weeks!!

Melinda T - Love your pages! I’m new to your blog, found you through another blog or maybe it was on pinterest!? :) Anyway, photo-editing is a biggie for me too! Any other tips? So far this year’s pl is going good, last year I did get behind, but I didn’t worry too much!

Janet - Ok, your pages are darling. your fonts and templates. Started following in December when I saw you on Becky’s creative team. So, I am new to PL. I have the pages, do I just need photoshop to be able to size photos onto the 3×4 cards and use the cute fonts? What type of printer do you have? Thanks for the inspiration.

Pedroza - I really enjoy looking at your project life photos. I love the clean look and thank you for the details on the templates.

barbara - Love your pages and as I’ve said before – love your photography. I always feel a new wave of motivation after seeing your images and pages. I’ve been using Day 1 app on my phone for almost a month now and love it. I guess I need to purchase the app for my desktop as well. I was wondering how you used that information. Didn’t want to have to retype it all for use in my pl pages.

Question ~ Do you back up your Day One journaling anywhere? I’m afraid of losing date before I get a chance to copy/paste into a pl spread. Guess I just don’t trust some of the newer technology yet!


Erin - Gorgeous. I love your simple style! It would be awesome to get my hands on your instagram templates. Thanks for listing the fonts you used, too…super helpful!

Heather Johnson - I absolutely love everything about all of your pages. So much inspiration and wonderful ideas. STUNNING!

Alida - Thanks Tracy, now I know how to document me son’s birthday this past week.

Nina - stunning simplicity.
becky’s blog brought me here and i’m glad it did – great work!

Kim Howard - I adore how you did the week in review card, definitely need to remember that brilliant idea.

briana - I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pages Tracy! You have such a clean, simple style. It’s how I want to be, but never seem to end up. :) Thanks for sharing your pages! I will be following along for inspiration…

Emily - Go Noles! That’s my husband’s alma mater, too.

I’ve been enjoying the Day One app, and wanted to thank you for sharing it. I have it on my iPad & iPhone, it’s been working great. I’m proud to say that I haven’t needed the reminder to post.

This year, I’m going to try the digital PL as I failed big time with the traditional version last year.

Thanks so much for sharing your pages with us – they’re so inspiring.

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