project life 2014 | week 50

i’m back and picking up where i am today. still loving project life and the ease of digital!

week 50

i’m changing things up a little to simplify my documenting process and help make more time for real life in between. instead of the bigger 4×6 week in review cards filled with lots of details from our week, i made a smaller 3×4 card with just the highlights from the week. (these will be available in my digital shop soon.)

this week’s pages were filled with life moments… making pizzales (the kids call them snowflake cookies), school project christmas gifts from the boys, santa visit, stiller’s antics + elf warnings (our elf on the shelf), favorite toys, a school christmas party, santa letters, christmas crafts and our 2014 christmas card.

i made the green circle ’tis the season card. i might make more of these soon.

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==>

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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

simply white life pages

simply white photo collage template collection


Giada - Tracy, I am so happy that you’re back with PL posts. I have always loved your PL style, you’re a big inspiration for me!

Sherry - I’ve missed your posts and I’m so glad your back. Your style inspires me. Have a Happy New Year.

chrystal - I, too, take a lot of inspiration from your pages. Thanks for posting! I love your smaller weekly recap cards.

Sindee - I’ll go along with all the other posts. Glad to see that you are back and posting your PL pages. Your style really is inspiring.

tracy - Thank You Giada! :)

tracy - Thank You Sherry and Happy New Year to you too!

tracy - Thanks Chrystal! I like the shorter weekly review cards – less to do but still documenting life. :)

tracy - Thank You so much Sindee! :)

Brynn - Can I ask where you’re planning on printing at the end of the year? I’m considering going digital but am worried about choosing where to print!

tracy - Hi Brynn, I have printed from Blurb and Shutterfly before. Both are great. I am thinking about using Costco for my next printed book. I saw a sample in the store and the quality was great.

Shawn - Love all of your posts and can’t wait for the new 3×4 highlights cards to be released in the shop! I think I’ll just save a space on my pages until they are available. Thanks for sharing your pages – they are inspirational.

merry christmas

December 12, 2014-34-words

Lexi - Aww, that little tree is so cute!

kelly polizzi - merry christmas tracy. hope you and your family had a real special day.

Looking forward to seeing posts from you in the new year. I’ll be keeping my fingers firmly crossed haha. Maybe one on how you convert your digital PL pages into a book using blurb? I’ve always wondered how to do that!

tracy - I will be getting my 2014 book printed as soon as I finish my pages… I’ll definitely post about the printing and ordering process. Not sure who I’m going to use yet – probably either Blurb or Costco.

kelly polizzi - thanks for your replies to all my many comments haha. I figured that’s what you did with the 15 on 15 templates so i think i will get those and do it the same way. I love your PL in its entirety and thank you so much for sharing all your creativity so us non-creative types can copy LOL!

my 2015 calendars

Every year I give my family calendars that I make with my yearly calendar set. They are simple 4×6 sized digital templates that I drop in photos and print at my local Sam’s Club or Costco. (I find they have the best quality printing for color.) Here are the two versions I made this year… one set is with the white background and the other set I changed the background color to match the photo.

For more info on the 2015 calender set click here and to see the calendars that I made last year, click here.

2015 printable 4x6 calendar set templates ==> printable 4x6 calendar set templates ==> calendar - blog button

kelly polizzi - these are so cute. especially with the headshots. love them white and i love the bright and colorful version. great idea!

the 2015 calendar set

i am so excited to share the 2015 calendar set! i started making these calendars a few years ago to give as christmas presents to my family. they are just so simple and so personal – the perfect gift. i sized these calendars as 4×6 prints so they could easily be printed and framed. (see the calendars i made 2 years ago here.)

the 2015 calendar set includes fully customizable 4×6 layered psd photo calendar templates. you can easily change the font color or the background color to coordinate with your photos using photoshop or photoshop elements. (scroll to the bottom of this post for instructions.)

the 2015 calendar set is available in either sunday – saturday or monday – sunday versions.

each set includes: 12 layered psd calendar templates with a border, 12 layered psd calendar templates without a border and a brush/stamp set for each individual month of the 2015 calendar year.

tracy larsen 2015 calendar ==>


tracy larsen 2015 calendar ==>


tracy larsen 2015 calendar ==> calendar - blog buttontracy larsen 2015 calendar ==>

kelly polizzi - are you still around? missing your content!

Dana F. - Hi Tracy!

I’m interested in making a calendar for hubby for a xmas gift. How do you print your calendars? Is professional photo paper sturdy enough?

Sindee - Just wondering if you were ever going to blog again. I aways enjoyed reading your blog.

tracy - I print my calendars as 4×6 prints from my local Sam’s or Costco. :)

tracy - I will be back after the new year… I’m still here! Thanks for checking on me :)

tracy - Hi Kelly! I’m still around and will be back more after the new year :)

kelly polizzi - Yay, you are my fave PL’er so I’m glad to hear that. I miss seeing your posts.

tracy - Oops… a bit too late for Christmas, but I just have these printed as 4×6 photos from my local Sam’s Club or Costco. Hope these come out great for you!

simply white life pages v5

it is time for some more new simply white life pages designs! the simply white life pages v5 has four new page designs.  the photo layers in each template have squared edges and there are three different photo border options – no border, a subtle drop shadow or a thin outline. this set of simply white life pages v5 includes 4 layered psd 12×12  photo collage templates.

want to see what i’m doing with the simply white life pages templates? follow me on instagram @tracylarsen

find out more about simply white life pages here.

simply white life pages v5 - digital photo templates ==> white life pages 8.5x11 and 8x10 for project life and albums ==> white life pages ==>

project life 2014 | week 34

slowly but steadily my august pages are getting done!

week 34

this week quinn went back to school and started the first grade and i wrote about his first day with some text on a photo. i also included photos from a yogurt with dad, funny things the boys are saying, date night and everyday life.

again this week i used the first day of school journaling card that i made and inserted quinn’s answers. then i printed it out and had quinn write his name on it. since i am doing project life digitally, i then scanned the card and inserted it in my pages. you can download this card for free here.)

the “first day of school” card is from becky higgin’s project life school theme pack.

digital project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> project life + simply white photo collage templates ==> here to download this journaling card for free.

FREE Project Life printable card - my first day of school ==>


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my project life pages were created with these supplies:

simply white life pages

simply white photo collage template collection

week in review basics journaling set




Chrystal - Hi again!
Can I ask what font you use for the large week numbers (inside the journaling card)? I use your journaling cards but adding the number is brilliant! :)

these days | august 2014

these days august 2014 ==> day 2014 ==>

reading some new cookbooks with simple + healthy real food recipes. i have little post-it note tabs sticking out of more than a few pages. go check out 100 days of real food and the family cooks. (read more about my thoughts on eating real food here.)

getting ready for baseball season for the boys to start in september. this year tate will be playing t-ball and quinn will be playing baseball. two kids in sports at the same time? what am i getting myself into?

eating lots of kale. i like it sauteed with olive oil and garlic, in my tuscan bean soup and crispy kale chips baked in the oven. even quinn has taken a liking to the kale chips – surprise!

wanting to get a cast-iron skillet. it requires some understanding of how to care and maintain the pan, but i think i’m ready to make some healthy changes in the kitchen.

loving family reading time at night. the boys are practicing their reading with some bob books. it is great so see them learning to read. tate is only in preschool, but as always he wants to do what his big brother is doing. so reading it is.

making progress on the boy’s personal yearbooks. i have papers scanned, photographed and organized. the pages are coming together nicely. i can’t wait to get them done and printed. and i’ve even started off this school year with a plan so that i don’t get behind. i’ll share it all on my blog.

hoping for some sweater + scarf weather in the next few months. i’m really over the heat, humidity and rain!

watching army wives on netflix. it is one of those series that i just don’t want to end. good thing there are 7 seasons for me to catch up on.

thinking about halloween costumes already. the stores are more than ready, but i’m just not.


what are you doing these days? join me in documenting your life happenings and share a link below…

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Kelly - Army Wives is one if my all-time favorite shows. Enjoy!