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we are all busy and our days are filled with giant to-do lists of things that we could never possibly get done in one day – or even one week. we shared the everyday photos of our life on social media and it is easy to assume that from these strategically cropped photos that other people lead perfect lives, live in perfectly clean houses and are able to do it all. this leads us to start beating ourselves up for not being perfect too.

i am going to start sharing a photo of my desk at the beginning of the week (on mondays) to show how real life is not really picture perfect.

my desk is the center for me in my house. it is like my external brain. if my desk is organized then usually my head is calm and clear. if my desk is a mess, the usually my head is overwhelmed and chaotic. my desk is where i edit photos, create my project life pages, blog, write my to do lists, brainstorm design ideas, deal with household paperwork, coupons and lots of other things that it takes to run a house and organize a family. it is also the place where my crafty kids go to cut, tape and draw – and then leave their mess behind as they take their creations into another room. my desk is where i am usually sitting when my kids are in school and my house is quiet. this silence only happens for a few hours each day and as much as i love my boys and my husband, i am learning to let go of the guilt associated with wanting a few hours of quiet time.

because my husband works on the weekends, i tend to spend some time cleaning and organizing the house in the hopes that i will have a clear space and a clear head to get things done when the boys are in school during the week. sometimes i’m successful at getting things organized, but i promise you i am never perfect! there are times when my desk, and therefore my head, are a complete disaster. but occasionally i can enjoy a neat space. then there are times that our weekends are filled with parties, errands and family time. that leads to a full life, but a disorganized house. it is a balancing act and it is never an equal balance. the scales tend to tip one way or another. see, real life.

so with this weekly project, i will take a photo of my desk as it is on monday mornings. i won’t change anything. this is my real life…

my desk mondays ==>

i am ready for this week. i spent lots of time organizing the chaos in the house this weekend and that included my desk. this is the least amount of clutter that has been on my desk in a really long time. this make me take a deep breath and relax knowing i can focus on one thing at a time this morning. i am currently working on a really great e-course on personal branding that i must finish by the end of the week, so i am dedicating some time to it over the next few days. i have my printables ready and my pencil sharpened. i’m sure this clean space won’t last long, but i’m going to enjoy the few hours that i have it in front of me.

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