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my desk mondays ==>

Mondays are the start of some quite time for me to get things done while the boys are in school and Mark is at work. It is always of mix of blog things and home + family things.

This week I am…

  • Prioritizing what I need to get done this week. I love my new “priorities” note pad to help me get clear on what I need to do.
  • Watching the entire series of Friends on Netflix as I edit a wedding that I photographed. I just love this show. I used to bring my Friends DVDs on the Mavericks airplane because some of the players liked to watch it with me.  It is so funny.
  • Listening to my iPad with this great little bluetooth wireless speaker. It helps to hear above the noise in my house when the boys get home.
  • Organizing some coupons. Shown here is shoes and cashew milk coupons.
  • Loving the drawings the boys made. Quinn left some old Star Wars pictures on my desk and Tate drew a hockey picture. They boys are really into hockey right now. Quinn is even learning how to look up scores all by himself on his Sports Center app.
  • Downloading photos from my big camera that I took of Tate’s class last week for their personal yearbook project. (I’ll be blogging about this…)
  • Oh, yes – and working hard on my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!!! I cannot wait to launch my new website. I will have a whole new brand for my website which will include my blog and a new store. I’ve been bit quiet over here so I can get this ready to launch soon.
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Jocelyn Thompson - I am liking that priority pad too …where did that come from?

Really looking forward to your new website! I kinda like all things new and your inspiration and take on scrapbooking always seems so fresh and new to me.

Thanks for always inspiring!

tracy - Thanks so much Jocelyn! I found the notepad at TJ Maxx. The brand on the back says Lady Jayne Ltd. I cannot wait to launch the new website… :) Tracy

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