linked 52 | summer

what i love about summer…

beach days
blowing bubbles
ice cream cones
corn on the cob
tank tops
lazy days
farmer’s markets
staying up late
summer books
coconut scented sunscreen
pony tails
flip flops
frozen drinks
red, ripe cherries

what do you love about summer?

see what summer looks like for these girls also participating in linked 52: Stacey, Michelle, Tracey, Heather, Jenn, Jessica, Amanda, Amanda, Sara, Lesli, Janet, Naomi, Rhonda, Rose, Carla, Heidi, Kristin, Heather, Amy, Liza, Veronica, Jean  and Kristi.


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Jenn - All of the above. :) Summer fruit (and veggies) is definitely one of my favourites. And the cute little bathing suit tan lines my littles get.

tracey - Cherries are so summer! I also love everything about your list. I wish we had thunderstorms here. We get them maybe once/twice a year, if that.

sara - these are perfect tracy.
cherries are all about summer for me.
and so is pink lemonade :)

what i love the most is just the laziness of summer.
no agenda.
a time to just slow down and connect as a family!

Life with Kaishon - I love every single thing about summer. These days are perfect for certain! Beautiful pictures of cherries! I am taking some cherry pictures tomorrow and I am super excited now!

Janet - Those cherries are gorgeous.
Sounds like a great list of things to enjoy about summer.

Jean - yum! fresh fruits & veggies throughout the summer is a super plus!!

Naomi - Love your list. So much to love about summer. I also love these shots, beautiful!

andrea - Great list! Love it! And I really LOVE these cherry photos. SO summer! We had two cherry trees in our yard when I was a kid. We used to have just tons of cherries… So good!

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