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i love cooking. i love recipes. i love simplicity. i love food photography. i love everything martha stewart. and this includes her everyday food magazine. i have a stack on the shelf  in my office. and many other issues scattered throughout my house. most of them with little post-it flags marking the pages of recipes that i want to try. i’ve found a few of my favorites in these pages – including a balsamic marinated skirt steak and a caramelized onion soup. it makes me so happy when a new issue arrives in my mailbox. it is just so full of cooking possibilities and food photography inspiration.

what little something makes you happy?

click over to see what is on the shelf for these girls also participating in linked 52: Stacey, Tracey, Heather, Jenn, Amanda, Janet, Rhonda, Carla, Heidi, Kristin, Heather, Veronica, Jean and Hanne.

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Jenn - Love all the colours! I love that magazine too but I haven’t picked it up in ages. Happy cooking. :)

kristin - Oh man I am totally making that balsamic skirt steak! YUM!

michelle - Those magazines are so happy looking. They are almost worth having simply as decor. The recipes are a bonus! ;)

Janet - Pretty, bright, filled with possibilities… what could be better.

Jean - i know! i am always intrigued by the photography in magazines. i love food photography! wish i had a nice white table around so i can always photograph on white table… just saying.

i love martha!

tracey - I’ve made that Martha balsamic steak recipe before! It’s yummo!!! And I think seeing the food photography in Martha Stewarts magazines all those years ago is one of the things that attracted me to photography!

rhonda - Hey – I collect those too!! :) I looove them. And I love all those things you love :)

Andrea - LOVE Everyday Food. SO many good, easy recipes!

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