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i am returning to the simple things when it comes to food. all-natural ingredients. unprocessed food. things i can pronounce. fewer boxes + packages and lots more fresh fruits + vegetables. simple and clean eating. and more flavor along with a new found appreciation for really good food.

tate and i went to the local plant nursery and farmer’s market this week. and we picked up this giant bunch of fresh mint. it was grown right there at the nursery. i’m going to use it in our green drink and search for some new recipes using mint on pinterest. i’d even like to dry out some in the bright south florida sun to make mint tea.

i also love to make mint infused water. it is so refreshing. just drop a few sprigs of mint in a pitcher of water and leave it for a few hours. it has a clean and subtle flavor.linked 2013 is a monthly blog project. check out what simple looks like to these ladies linking up with me this month: Amanda, Carla, Hanne, Heather, Janet, Jenn, Rhonda and Tracey.

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Hanne - I’m turning more and more to simple food, too! My Body ask me to eat more simple and I’m doing better and better! Just bought a mint plant the other day, too! My hubby loves mint in his food!

Jenn - I’m going to have to try that this summer, it looks so refreshing.

rhonda - mmmm mint is so good!!!! I love fresh mint with fresh fruit for salad!!

tracey - Gonna try me some mint water!!! I’ve been reading up on raw apple cider vinegar and it’s health benefits and yesterday I made a tall glass of ice water with a couple of teaspoons of the ACV and then a big splash of pomegranate juice. It was good.

Heather - Mint always reminds me of my grandma. She had a big patch of wild spearmint that grew in the bushes near her house and we would always sneak out there to eat and smell it.

I love mint water too! So refreshing! My MIL makes this delicious iced Moroccan mint tea in the summer – can’t wait until we get to have some this summer.

Beautiful photos. Apparently I have some really good memories that involve mint. Thank for the little trip down memory lane. :)

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