instagram love on my walls

i love instagram + my iphone. and i mean big giant heart l-o-v-e. i have so many everyday photos that tell little stories. tiny details that would otherwise be forgotten. they are all in my camera roll on my iphone. and on instagram.

i put my instagram photos in our family photo books. (the ones that i am working on and will share when they are printed and in my hands.) i also put my instagram photos in my weekly project life journal. and now my instagram photos are displayed on the walls of my house. in a very big way.

i created a 20 x 20 collage template and filled it with 64 instagram photos in photoshop. well, i actually created three 20 x 20 collages. two are finished and one is almost finished. one collage has 64 small 2 x 2 openings. the other one has 60 small 2 x 2 openings and one   4 x 4 opening for one of my very favorite photos of the boys walking together.

there are stories in each of these tiny photos. the mcdonald’s fries the boys love to eat. (and maybe me too.) beach days. turning five. star wars play. pool time. rainy days. birthday celebrations. cousins. legos. a st. partick’s day parade. riding bikes. basketball with daddy. starbucks time with a friend. chipotle dinners.

each and every single image was taken with my iphone and processed using the instagram app. (i’m tracylarsen on instagram.)

with two collages filled with instagram images, i just couldn’t wait to get them printed. so before i even finished the third collage, i ordered the wall prints of the first two.

to print, i simply enlarged the canvas size to 20 x 24 in photoshop and ordered prints from my local sam’s club. all i needed to do was trim the prints and put them in frames. easy peasy.

i already had three 20 x 20 ikea frames in the playroom that were ready for new pictures. there is a wall in our bedroom that has been bare since we moved in almost 2 years ago because i just couldn’t decide what to put on the wall. and it remained a blank space until my husband asked if i had thought about putting the new collages on that wall in our room. um, no i had not thought about that.  well, it is called stepping outside of my box. the box of “well-the-frames-are-already-hung-in-the-playroom-so that-is-where-they-should-go.” yep, that box. that thinking. it got tossed out the window when we held the frames up on the wall and loved how they looked. the empty wall in our bedroom was the perfect place to put them. and now every time i walk out of our room, i can see little bits + pieces of our everyday life. and it makes me smile.

what do you do with your iphone images?

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Shari - I LOVE this!!! I need to create a couple collage templates like this for mine too! It looks like you have a beautiful collection of everyday images! :)

Harp - Hi Tracy,

I just happened to stumble upon your page and omgosh I just love love love your collection. May I ask how you put this together. I’d love to do this. Such an amazing idea. I have about 3000 photos on my iPhone which I can’t all display but this is just a brilliant idea.

Thank you in Advance.

Victoria, BC Canada

Laura - Looks lovely.. Would you be willing to share your templates/

Mallory D. - Hi, I was curious how you went about grabbing your pictures off instagram to print them off?

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iPhoneography 101 | The Art of Simple - […] Larsen recently shared about her 20×20 framed collages on her blog. I love the look of these photos together, they tell such a story – each in their own […]

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