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so this is crazy. i mean really crazy.

back in december, i received an email from a writer for a dutch magazine called flow. she said that she writes a couple of features filled with reader tips on all things beautiful and inspiring, be it a project, a product or an experience. and she wanted to include my week in the life photo book for the ‘feel connected’ feature of their february issue.

what??? for real? um, yes please!

a few emails to her about where i got the inspiration for the project from (thank you to the amazing ali edwards) and the beautiful photo book template (thank you pinterest for helping me find nettio designs) and i tucked this all away until last week when a package arrived at my doorstep. a sweet package from far away.

the dutch issue of flow magazine!and on page 57, there it is… a little photo of the cover of my week in the life photo book. and a little something about it written in a language i cannot read.  ha! oh how i wonder what it says!

flow magazine is sold nationwide in the netherlands and also in the dutch speaking part of belgium. and the international issue has just been released. you can view the english version of our their website and a little preview of the magazine here. the issue i’m holding in my hands is so fun + full of inspiring photos. i just might need to get my hands on the english version of this magazine soon.

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ee k. - Awesome! Congrats! Your work is simply stunning – simple and you let your amazing photos do most of the talking.

rhonda - HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jen - I’m so proud of you! The spread looks awesome…just wish I knew what they were saying!

Donna G. - This is so cool!! Way to go, Tracy!!

Jessica - Do you still need the translation? Because I’m from the Netherlands and just came across your blog. Love the white collection templates!

Flow by the way, is a cool magazine, with lots of interesting life/creative articles

Kind regards,


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