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it’s year number three and i’m doing it again. hello one little word for 2014! i’m joining ali edwards for the journey again this year.

my first word was simplify. and last year there was authenticity. these words showed up for me throughout the entire year. it was crazy and cool how they just kept popping up right when i needed them. and they continue to appear in my life like old friends.

i love the idea of having a word to focus on. and i love how my words really found me. they are words that give me clarity and calm. they help to answer questions for me. and they really really are the words that i need to carry with me. yes, words can be so powerful.

for me this year, my word is balance.

i’m finally taking the bold step toward trying to take better care of myself. and for me, at the heart of that decision is finding the right balance in my life. the balance between the old and the new me. the person i was before kids and the person i am now. it is about finding balance with every part of my life – work, fun, family, food, creativity, energy, exercise, time, money…

balance - one little word 2014 ==> tracy-larsen.com/blog

so hello balance. i can’t wait to see where you take me this year…

what is your one little word this year?

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Liza Lake - Last year was Love and this year is Vibrancy!

rhonda - GREAT word!!! I should pick it next year ;) It’s SUCH A hard thing!!!! Mine is Focus.

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