documenting my dream job

i lived my dream job. and it was an amazing experience. i was the full time sports nutritionist for the nba dallas mavericks (professional basketball team here in america). and it was even more than i could ever have hoped for in a job. i worked with some genuinely great people. i had an office right in the american airlines center where the team played. i traveled around the country with the team on their private airplane. i attended all of the games for the three seasons that i worked with the team. i visited every single nba team’s home court. i even got to put my master’s degree in sports nutrition to good use. and i still have some lasting friendships from those fun days with the team.

i took some photos when i worked with the mavericks. they are not the best photos because this was before i really knew what to do with a camera. i always had a love for taking photos and i just knew that someday this would all be over and i’d wish i had photos to document it all. so the photos i took are not the greatest, but they still tell my story. a story i’d like to share with my boys. and that is kind of difficult to do when your photos are all on random external hard drives.

so i decided to honor this time in my life. the time when lots of hard work finally met with the right opportunity. it was time to print these photos and tell my story. this was over 10 years ago. and life has taken me beyond this experience in my life. i know that today i’m exactly where i want to be and yet i’m so grateful for all the things that have happened in my life. it was time to print out my photos and document this part of my life.

i used becky higgins’ mini album in midnight. i added some journaling cards from the project life midnight edition core kit and printed some quote cards from elise. putting together the album was so simple and fast. i printed out my photos and slipped them in the pages along with the journaling cards. that was it. i was done. this entire project only took me a few hours total.

and i’m so happy to have this mini album to add to our collection of family photo books and memories.

i found some of my old business cards and slipped one in the cover and put one on the first page. i also printed out a card with a little about my story along with a few photos for the first page.

i love that i took these photos of the things that i saw and the place where i worked everyday. like the practice court, me at my little desk and the food area in the locker room that i was in charge of for the players.more photos of the locker room, the training room and the rehab area.the team airplane. i logged many miles on this plane and must admit that it was a fantastic way to travel – especially when you were the person in charge of ordering the food for the entire airplane. you never had to worry about not liking the meals.on the road practice before the games. clearly not my best photography work, but still some great memories.doing my job and taking care of the + basketball. i met my husband during the 2003 play-offs and these are some photos from that time. (and a stamp from ali edwards’ hello life stamps.)some photos i took in the many cities i visited with the team. scaramanto, houston, chicago, new york city, salt lake city…one unforgettable experience for me was my very first visit to new york city. i went with the team in january of 2002. just four months after the attacks on 9/11. i went with a few of the players and coaches to visit the site where the world trade towers had fallen. i had never seen these massive buildings, so i could not fully comprehend the emptiness that was left behind. but i will never forget standing on the special platform for the families and seeing the twisted metal, the cranes and the american flag. and the wall of dedications to the loved ones that were lost that day. it was a day i will never forget.there are pages in my album filled with photos from games and with friends. all memories i will remember for a lifetime.

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Donna G. - Fabulous, Tracy!! I didn’t know you did this in your former life. Here’s another example of how Project Life has come to our aid in recording our lives.

amy t schubert - Oh my word! What a FUN job! (I love Steve Nash and basketball in general)

So awesome that you have all these photos and stories documented too :)

Krystyn - What an awesome album!! I love the quote cards she used – they were perfect for each page!!

Jodi - so wonderful! what a great experience. hooray for project life!

chrystal - what a fun job, and how great that you could document it like this! I really enjoy your style, Tracy! Thanks for sharing!

Jocelyn Thompson - so love this! It inspires me to do one of my own. I have lots of pictures from a job I loved but have never compiled it into an album. Thank you for always giving such great inspiration!

rhonda - 1. HOW COOL that job was!!
2. Love that you documented it all for your kids
3. Love that it only took you a couple hours too :)

Janet Kemper - I Love this! What a fantastic job & what a great way to document it! I have a dream job right now, and was thinking about documenting it this way…this just confirms that I need to do it!

Christine N - This is really cool, thanks for sharing it! What a cool job, what beautiful memories, and a wonderful way to document it.

Vera - I love this album and what it represents! Unfortunately, I don’t have much (if any) photos of my previous job, i would love to have made an album like this.

Kristine V. - Such a cool project! Love your story and how you created this beautiful momento to share with your sons. Thanks for sharing!

brandee smith - How fun!!! Your layouts are always inspiring! Do you print your own journal cards? Do you recommend a printer?

tracey - Super fun to learn this about you T!!!!! What a fun experience in your life. So cool.

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