birthday cupcakes

birthday cupcakes ==>

we love chocolate in our house. so when it comes to birthday celebrations, chocolate is what we do. my husband’s birthday was last week and we were going out of town for a few days with the boys to celebrate. i like homemade birthday treats. i grew up with my mom always making our birthday cakes, so this is a tradition that i like to carry on with my own family. i usually make a chocolate bundt cake for Mark, but since were were going to be traveling i made cupcakes because they were easier to take with us.

the boys were eager to help me bake these birthday cupcakes. we used a simple boxed chocolate cake mix and store bought frosting to make things easy. (homemade means made at home, not made from scratch!) quinn cracked the eggs and tate poured in the water and oil. they took turns turning the mixer on and off and they both couldn’t wait to lick the spoon and bowl.

i was asked to review the silicone baking cups by Rizzi from The New York Baking Company. i love cooking + baking and these silicone baking cups come in four pretty + bright colors – orange, pink, green and blue. i happily agreed to try them out…

birthday cupcakes ==> cupcakes ==>

i used these bpa free silicone baking cups instead of paper cupcake liners. they were colorful and so much fun to use. i am a visual person, so i loved how the blue and green sprinkles coordinated so nicely with the bright blue and green baking cups. there was such a pretty contrast of the bright colors against the chocolate cupcakes and frosting.

i packed up the cupcakes in my travel cupcake container and we brought them with us on our beach mini-vacation. the boys and mark happily devoured the cupcakes after we sang happy birthday. they were not gluten-free, so i sipped on a glass of wine and watched them delight in their chocolate treat.

birthday cupcakes ==>

birthday cupcakes ==> cupcakes ==> cupcakes ==> cupcakes ==>

my thoughts about these silicone baking cups:

  • i love the bright and fun colors of the silicone baking cups. with most paper cupcake liners, you can’t see the design after the cupcakes are baked – especially with the dark background of a chocolate cupcake. my kids had fun picking out which color they wanted to eat because they could actually see the colors.
  • the cupcakes baked perfectly and popped right out of the silicone baking cups easily and in one piece.
  • they were a bit difficult to clean. after scrubbing them, there is still a bit of chocolate cupcake residue stuck on the inside of the baking cups. perhaps i might need to spray a little non-stick spray inside the baking cups the next time i use them.
  • the silicone baking cups come in a set of 12 which only held half of my boxed cupcake batter mix. with this standard recipe size, you would probably need a second package of silicone baking cups to get the full 24 cupcakes that a box mix will make. if you are making a smaller recipe, then perhaps 12 silicone baking cups might be just right for you.

* although i was given these silicone baking cups to try out, my thoughts are my own honest opinion.

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